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moustache Should I use moustache wax?
moustache Is there a cheaper alternative to moustache wax?
moustache How do you apply moustache wax?
moustache What moustache wax do you recommend?
moustache Can I make my own moustache wax?

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2007 World Champion Moustache expert Ted Sedman continues:

Should I use moustache wax?

This is very much a matter of personal choice. You may be fortunate and have a moustache that stays in shape on its own, but that is unusual and most of us need to use some wax. The ideal is just to wax the ends, using the minimum amount to keep the hairs in place.

In practice, the hair at the centre of the lip is liable to get into your mouth if you don't use some wax to train it horizontally. But I would try to use as little wax as possible here. In any case it will probably get washed off when you drink from a cup or glass. (Unless you use a moustache cup.)

I suppose some people will say that the wax could be messy and uncomfortable, but that's only the case if you put too much of it on the moustache. In any case, all good waxes can be washed out easily with hot water and shampoo, so you can experiment to find out how much is best for you.

Don't worry, though, if you find that the "training" is not having a permanent effect. I have been using wax for over twenty years to curl the ends of my moustache, and each time I wash it out the hair always goes straight again! So I just re-apply some wax and roll it up once more.

Is there a cheaper alternative to moustache wax?

Well...........  The other day I received an e-mail which said:-

"I am a Canadian, Handlebar Moustache sporter. Have not found moustache wax, but have been using toilet bowl seal wax. This wax has no odour, spreads colourless, and does not cause potty mouth. Best part about toilet bowl wax is the price, less than a Canadian looney and you get about half a pound."

What do you think?

Or another approach:-

"I wax my 10 inch stache with soap. I find cheap bar soap (like hotel soap) without hand moisturizers, works best for my needs. I prefer a very formed moustache with stiff hold and tend to achieve Daliesque designs. I've tried a few American waxes and been thoroughly frustrated with how soft they were. I currently use soaps made by Burt's Bees which have pleasant aromas and a fair bit of holding power.
Have you heard of others doing this?"

This suggestion came from Michael in Pennsylvania, USA, and I have to admit that I, too, use some soap in addition to wax. The trouble with it, in England at least, is that it is completely useless if you have to go out in the rain. One of our members used just soap when he ran out of wax but when the rain came down it foamed up and made him look as though he was rabid!

But my favourite story is from Chuck Leggett:-

The other day a delightful lady friend of mine observed that I have recently become quite furry, which conversation rambled around to an old friend of hers from years gone by that used peanut butter, as an alternative to wax, for his moustache.

Anyone like to try it?!!!!!

How do you apply moustache wax?

In the case of a wax that comes in the form of a stick, you can apply it directly to the hair, then comb it through and shape the moustache.

For wax that comes in a tub, take some and soften it between the thumb and forefinger then work it evenly into your moustache.

When the wax is supplied in a tube it may be applied directly, but usually it is better to use the fingers. In each case work from the centre outwards and you can style the moustache as desired.

What moustache wax do you recommend?

There is a surprising range of choice when looking for the wax that suits you best. Some of the factors to consider are:-

The best wax to use depends to some extent on the style of your moustache. With a very bushy moustache you will probably just need a small amount of a soft wax. In fact one of our members with a very bushy growth uses an Ultra-Strong hair spray rather than wax.

If you just want to bring the ends of your moustache to a point, then most moustache waxes are suitable, so you have a wide choice. But if you want to shape your moustache, then a stiffer wax is needed.


Can I make my own moustache wax?

The short answer is "Yes".
We have had so much interest in home-made moustache wax that we have set up a separate page on the subject.

Make Your Own Moustache Wax

We compare details of a number of brands of moustache wax, with links to web sites from which moustache wax can be purchased.