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moustacheMr Natty Twizzle Moustache Wax - ‘By jingo it keeps your top lip looking sharp’

This wax comes in a 20ml (just over ½ oz) tin for £6.50 each
Postage and packing: £2.00.
Mr Natty Twizzle Moustache Wax

“This clear moustache wax is slightly harder than normal moustache wax, so it's great in warmer and cold climates - like trips abroad - and it lasts rather a long time. Work your finger around in the tin to create warmth, then rub together thumb and forefinger then apply to your fine moustache” - Mr Natty.

The Hepatitis C Trust
Mr Natty gives a small donation to The Hepatitis C Trust every month from Mr Natty sales.

Mr Natty Twizzle Moustache Wax can be purchased by Paypal from

moustacheFOAD WAX - ‘Foad wax will have your tash looking flash’

FOAD WAX comes in a handy pocket sized, lightweight and durable screwtop ½ oz - 15ml (approx) tin for £4.99 each, and there is a discount for quantities.
Postage and Packing are charged as follows:
UK £1
EU £1.50
USA £2
Rest of World £2
  Click the picture to order FOAD WAX

FOAD WAX is home-made and marketed by Patt Foad, moustache aficionado, tamer and Makeup artist for TV and Film.

FOAD WAX is lovingly home made and hand poured. It is naturally coloured by the presence of the Pollen and Propolis in the pure Beeswax, but dries and sets clear. Foad Wax has a light, herbaceous signature scent derived from our own blend of natural essential oils. Foad Wax is considered to be a 'medium to firm wax' and therefore has a medium to strong hold. Please note that due to Beeswax being a natural product, a slight colour and consistency difference may occur from batch to batch.

Patt offers a new softer pomade style wax called Toad Satin Wax of which he reports is making a good impression on his patrons and makeup artists on film sets.

Toad Satin Wax comes in a handy pocket sized, lightweight and durable screwtop ½ oz - 15ml (approx) tin for £4.99 each, and there is a discount for quantities.
P&P same as for FOAD Wax.
  Click the picture to order TOAD WAX

“Foad's Toad Satin Wax is a Vegan pomade style wax suitable for everyday use. It has a loose to medium hold and a satin sheen finish, and contains Jojoba Wax, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and a zesty blend of natural essential oils. Jojoba Wax, derived from the Jojoba plant seed, is a natural moisturiser and smooths out the hair cuticles making them shiny and healthy looking. Castor Oil is a natural humectant drawing moisture into the hair leaving it soft, shiny and strong. The Grapeseed Oil is also a moisturising agent and provides the satin sheen.

“These properties make this wax very easy to warm up and apply without the use of a hairdryer. It is gentler on your hirsute appendages, eliminating the risk of pulling out hairs. Because of its nourishing properties and easy application, it can be used readily as a beard wax to keep you gurn garden prim and proper.”

FOAD WAX can be purchased by Paypal from

moustacheCaptain Fawcett's Moustache Wax - The ‘Gentleman's Stiffener’

Club Member William Brown reports in his detailed (and name-dropping) product-comparison review below that that Captain Fawcett's is being used on TV and film sets and is a relatively new product.

This wax is supplied in a screw-top pot containing 16ml. (½ oz)
for £8.50 each and UK delivery is £1.50,
Europe £1.80, Rest of World £2.00.
It is available in Lavender, Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang fragrances,
and is neutral in colour.
Captain Fawcett's Moustache Wax
Willam's Review:

“I came across this wax while on the set of ‘Jack the Giant Killer’, a new feature film starring Ewan McGregor, being filmed partly at Hampton Court. This was being used by the make-up department and they suggested that I give it a try - not that I needed any assistance, as on all shoots, my own styling has always been untouched.

“Like most waxes, I found it to be a little too solid and needed to be softened by either the use of a hairdryer or plying between finger and thumb. Unlike ‘Gravy Jay’s’ wax (q.v.) from USA, which comes in a large tin and easy to extract, the Captain Fawcett wax is in a small glass container (looking like something one would buy from Bodyshop). It is well packaged and a good size for travel – which I will come to later. I found the easiest way to extract it was with the back of my nail. Not too sure how this is going to work once I get near the bottom! Unlike ‘Gravy Jay’s’, which has a real pungent petro/chemical smell - one surmises that it is to emulate that smell of straddling your HD FatBoy; for some reason in the States a Harley and graspable extremities seem to go hand in hand - ‘Captain Fawcett's’ has a pleasant aroma, with only a slight chemical nuance. The wax is ideal for that full soft look which I found good for everyday use.

“But for my more ‘sculptured’ look which has to stay in all day, it tends to make the shape more compact and with a tighter curl. So for this I use another product - ‘got 2b’ by Swartzkopf (a hair spiking glue, aimed at the younger market). This holds it firm and in the same shape all day and rarely needs further attention. The only problem with ‘got 2b’, I found to be at the airport, where it comes in a 150ml tube and exceeds the airport customs requirements. Damm security, whatever happened to common sense and discretion? (In fact Gatwick now has a half full tube of ‘got 2b’!). I think Captain Fawcett’s is a good product for the ‘everyday’ hirsute growth and the price is quite competitive with say, the ‘Gravy Jays’ or even the Kryolan (q.v.), as usually favoured by make-up artistes. The Kryolan is a completely different product and more in similarity to the ‘got2b’ product which I use-but in a MUCH smaller tube, less cost effective, and undoubtedly airport friendly.

“Most information regarding the "history" of Captain Fawcett, his travels and the relaunch of his wax, (which incidentally is now lovingly hand made in deepest Norfolk) can be found by visiting his website There is also an opportunity to purchase said wax here.”

2007 World Champion Moustache expert Ted Sedman offers his comments on other suppliers of Moustache Wax.
They are not the official views or recommendations of the Handlebar Club!

moustache Firehouse Moustache Wax

This wax is supplied in one-ounce tins.

It comes in three versions: Light wax, Dark wax & Wacky Tacky, all with different aromas but not like a perfume smell.

It sets off quite firmly to hold the moustache in shape, especially in hot humid weather conditions.

Firehouse Light Wax

"I have found that the wax is easy to use, and rubs in well without leaving any visible goop. It takes a little while to reassert its stiffness once applied, so a few minutes of light touching and prodding of the 'graspable appendages' is needed to set the desired end result. The wax holds up very well in hot weather. I have actually only had to re-apply once during the day yesterday (one of the hottest days of the year). I also like the smell, honey I would guess."

Reviewed by Lee (Handlebar Club Member)

Firehouse Moustache Wax is available direct from the manufacturer at

moustachePinaud Clubman Moustache Wax

This wax is supplied in half-ounce tubes.

It comes in a range of colours: black, brown, chestnut (light brown) and neutral (white). [It used to be available in "blond" also, but that no longer seems to be available]

It is pleasantly, but not strongly, perfumed. It sets off quite firmly to hold the moustache in shape.

Pinaud Clubman Moustache Wax

Clubman is a very popular wax and I used it successfully myself for a long time, though one or two people have remarked that some tubes they have obtained recently have not worked so well.

The manufacturers Web site is and Clubman may available from a number of suppliers, including:- (There is a review there by Jonathan Cauthorn that mentions the Handlebar Club's Web site!)
And I am told that the most competitive prices can be found at or

In the can phone the distributor, Visage International, free on 0800 146 615.  They "will send you to your nearest stockist or you can purchase the items over the phone with a £2.50 postage and packing charge".

For personal shoppers, I recommend Trumpers; the "Barbers and Perfumers to gentlemen of distinction" in Mayfair, London.
The relevant page of their Web site is at

moustacheBrother's Love Bavarian Moustache Styling Pomade

This wax is supplied in a 10 ml tube.
It is available in "Clear" or "Hazelnut".
It is pleasantly, but not strongly, perfumed.
It sets off extremely firmly.
Brother's Love

Brother's Love wax is produced in Munich, Germany. It is my personal favourite, but I have to admit that some members of the Handlebar Club dislike the way in which it makes the moustache very stiff.

The manufacturer's web site is

It is also available from the Whisker Club (In the "Whisker Shop")

moustacheFather's Moustache Wax

This wax is supplied in the form of a 1/8 ounce stick.
It "comes in a neutral shade for any hair color".
It has an aromatic perfume.
It has good "holding" power to keep
the moustache in shape.
Father's Moustache Wax

Father's is the favourite wax of one of our American members, who introduced it to other members of the Handlebar Club.

The manufacturer's web site is

moustacheSkippy's Moustache Wax

This wax is supplied in a 10 gram container,
which is "a handy metal box that is easy to carry
in a pocket so you have the wax when you need it".
It is a pale honey colour.
It has a pleasant lavender fragrance.
It has good holding power to keep the moustache in shape.
Skippy's Moustache Wax

Skippy's wax is used by a number of Handlebar Club members, as it is manufactured and supplied by Ole Skibness, one of our Norwegian members.  His web site is

moustacheCol. Ichabod Conk's Moustache Wax

This wax is sold in a one ounce tub. Colonel Conk's Moustache Wax

Conk's moustache wax is not one that I have tried myself, but according to someone who has, it has a light, pleasant, honey-like scent. He says that it is very soft, on the greasy side, and did not provide much hold in his case. Because it is petroleum based, it does not wash out with water.

Conk's moustache wax can be ordered at The Colonel's Shave Shop

And the wax is also available from a number of suppliers, including:-

Note that Col. Conk's web site has much more than just the moustache wax, including "moustache combs and scissors, as well as fine bristle shave brushes, straight razors from Germany, shave soaps, shave cups, and many other items for the discerning gentleman customer". Another informant "heartily recommends all of the shaving products, as they are top notch and produced in the tradition of the Victorian era."

moustache Hairgum Extra Fort Natural Styling Pomade

This product is supplied in a tin containing
1.3 fl oz (40 ml).
Its colour is almost clear.
It is pleasantly, but not strongly, perfumed.
It has good "holding" power to keep the moustache in shape.

This French wax is highly recommended by our Club secretary.

The manufacturer's web site is at

And the wax is available in the U.K. from:- Gordon Murray Loy,  The Shorthair Specialist, 105 Walton Road, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 0DR
Tel 020 8979 5924,  e-mail

moustacheDax Wave and Groom Hair Dress

This product is supplied in a 3.5 oz (99 gm) tub.
It is honey coloured.
It is pleasantly, but not strongly, perfumed.
It is quite soft in terms of holding the moustache.
Dax Hair Dress

Dax is not sold as a moustache wax, but as a hair dress.  However, several Club members appreciate its inexpensive price and find it very good just for keeping the ends of hair under control.  We use the product that comes in a red tub, which is "made especially for short hair", but that doesn't prevent it being effective on some rather long moustaches!

The manufacturer's web site is at
The product can also be obtained from
And in the U.K. from

moustacheStern Ungarische Bartwichse

This wax is supplied in an 8 ml tube.
It is almost white in colour.
It has an unusual, though quite pleasant, perfume.
It has good "holding" power to keep the moustache in shape.
Stern Ungarische Bartwichse

The English version of the German manufacturer's web site is at

And it is also available from and sometimes from the Whisker Club (go to the "Whisker Shop")

Note that the "Stern" web site also carries various moustache accessories - it is the only place that I know of that advertises a snood, (although they refer to it as a "moustache band").

moustacheMaster Moustache and Beard Groom

This wax is supplied in the form of a stick.
It comes in a range of colours: brown, black and neutral.
At present we have no further details.
Master Moustache and Beard Groom

The manufacturer's web site is at

moustacheOregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax

This wax is supplied in a one ounce tin.
It is untinted.
It is said to be "lightly, pleasantly scented" with natural musk oil.
It is not water-based, and so "does not easily melt in hot beverages"
Oregon Wild Hair

The manufacturer's web site is at

They also supply moustache brushes.

moustacheBuckaroo Brand Mustache Wax

This wax is supplied in a two ounce tin.
It is "natural in colour".
It is unscented and totally odorless.
It has a good "hold".
D J Quinn's super duty mustache wax!

I am told that this is a very firm wax which requires you to rub a bit onto your finger and thumb and work it by rubbing between them to soften it up before applying. My correspondent says that it is a bit more work than Clubman but it has a superior hold once it is applied.

Someone else tells me: "When you rub it between your fingers, it will soften nicely, but if rubbed too much or for too long, the wax will turn white. This white color remains when you apply it you your moustache. I'm guessing that rubbing induces air into the product perhaps? If I hit the wax with my hair dryer, it will melt and turn clear again. But It doesn't take much effort to turn the product white."

One suppliers's web site is at: (Scroll ¾ way down the page)

moustacheCowboy Stache Wax (appears to be the same product as Buckaroo)

This wax is supplied "in a metal tin that fits handily in a vest pocket". (about 2½ inch x ½ inch)
It has no fragrance whatsoever.
It is pale honey in colour, though it dries clear.
Cowboy Stache Wax

Richard Stooksbury advises that it requires special attention in the application, unlike any other wax that he has ever used. His main observation is that it is absolutely NOT greasy in any way, shape, or form, and he says that the hold is superior to almost every other wax that he has tried.  Another correspondent who thinks it is an "excellent product" says, "I find that it works best after being heated up, applied and then brushed in".  On the other hand, two other people have told me that they simply can't get it to work, so this just goes to prove that these things are very much a matter of personal taste.

The supplier's web site is at:

updated 30 JanuaryTaylor's of Old Bond Street

This wax I am told is beautifully scented
but has a very soft holding texture.
Mr. Taylor's Moustache Wax

The premises of this supplier are actually in Jermyn Street, not Old Bond Street.

Their web site is at   (Enter "wax" in the quicksearch field)

Mr. Taylor's Moustache Wax is also available from The Gentleman's Shop in Hungerford, Berkshire.
Their website is at   (Enter "wax" in the Search-by-Keyword field)

moustache Henna Forming Wax

This wax is supplied in a 100ml tin.
It is very lightly scented.
It sets off quite firmly to keep the moustache in shape.
Hennaplus Botanical Styling Wax

Details can be found at:

Information about this and the next wax has been provided by a correspondent in Holland, Dave Horne (click here for his web site)

moustacheNuNile Hair Slick / Dressing Pomade

This is supplied in a three ounce container.
It is very lightly scented.
It has very good "holding" power to keep the moustache in shape.
Murray's NuNile Hair Slick Dressing Pomade 3 oz

Dave says that (as far as he can tell) it contains no oil and is basically just wax and as a result, holds extremely well.

The product can be obtained from

moustacheCook and Bates Wax

This wax was recommended by Barbara, who wrote:- I have been buying Cook and Bates Mustache wax for my husband for over 15 years. We use that product because my husband loves it. He has tried them all and this one works the best for him.

Unfortunately is is no longer available.  But see the next item.

moustacheBassett Brut-Like Moustache Wax

Our first recommendation via the Message Board!

"Cook and Bates is the company that made Brut mustache wax. After they stopped making wax for Brut, The Bassett Company made it using the same formula. You can now get the neutral wax on

I used Cook and Bates wax for over 10 years and loved it. I now use the neutral wax by Bassett."

  Closest We Could Get To The Original BRUT Wax.

The web address is   (enter "moustache wax" in the search field to get a selection of waxes)

Listed 7 October 2008Gravy Jay's Mustache Wax

Gravy Jay's is under new ownership, and available again!

This wax comes in one size so far:
2 oz. tin = $9.25
"Coming soon is a creamier wax and different sizes!"
US/Canada shipping: Free
Wordwide shipping: $11
Order online by Paypal, or by mail with Postal or Certified Money Order.
Gravy Jay's
5116 Bama Dr
Arlington, Tx 76017

Howard Dearman, new owner of Gravy Jay's says:
"This is the original formula wax which uses essential oils for a stiff wax that holds all day, and has a sweet smell that's not overpowering."

  Gravy Jay's Mustache Wax in the 2oz tin.

The web site is Gravy Jay's Mustache Wax

moustacheTony's Barber Shop Wonderful Moustache Wax

Mike (in Wales) recommends this wax saying,
"It is a wholly natural wax.
The wax is lightly scented and honey coloured.
It has a soft as opposed to stiff hold and is particularly well priced."
It now sells at £3 for a 50ml jar (including postage in the U.K.)
tony's wax

Tony has been making it for about ten years and does it all himself locally in Devon. His grandfather and father were both barbers and the recipe has been passed down.

His shop's web site is Click on the "Moustache Wax" link at the left.

moustacheLone Star Moustache Wax

This wax is sold in a one ounce tin.
It is claimed to be "An excellent wax which will hold the most unmanageable moustache in place all day".
I am told that it is "similar to Oregon Wild Hair though not as malleable"
Handlebar Club member James Ross says, "I love this wax because it has great hold, very refreshing fragrance (from Sandlewood and Patchouli oils), comes in a handy tin and finally, it is worth the price."

The product is sometimes available on eBay.

And a recommendation from Handlebar Club member Gary Hagen:-

moustacheSandahl's / Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax

This wax is supplied in a 1.7 ounce push-up stick container.
The colour is neutral.
Scent is "a very light coconut"
Its "holding power" is "somewhere between stiff and soft"

The manufacturer's web site is at, though I am told by another correspondent that it is available with lower shipping fees from Weiss Barber Supply Co. in Wichita.   Their e-mail address is


This wax is supplied in a 15 gram container, "designed to be easy to carry wherever you go".
It is clear, but other colours (eg black) could be made available.
The wax is water-soluble and unperfumed.

Developed in Finland in 1923. The manufacturer's web site is no longer maintained.

moustacheMakeup Artist Provisions

This is a company in in Shepherds Bush, London and Mike (in Wales) tells me that they supply a  Kryolan wax, which is "not dissimilar to Stern".

It comes in a 0.2 fl. oz tube.
It's pleasantly scented, though Mike is unable to identify the perfume.
It has a good, firm hold.

The Kryolan wax is listed on their website at

And finally, this is not a wax, but ......

moustacheSebastian Molding Mud

Irene from Las Vagas tells me:
"It's a little on the pricey side, but a little goes a long way. It's a good "molder" by itself, and it's also good with a curling iron. It has to be used exactly the way the directions state, so that it completely disappears into the hair. I always preferred my husband to use that instead of wax because it seemed to me that the wax would cause a buildup, but the mud wouldn't. The molding mud has a light fragrance, but I think it pretty much dissipates after a while. He never complained about it."

 sebastian molding mud

The manufacturer's web site is at

And the product is available from a number of suppliers, including:-

Many thanks are due to Richard Stooksbury of Nashville, Tennessee, for the research that provided the basis for this page of links to suppliers of moustache wax.

However I take responsibility for all the expressions of opinion, and also for the mistakes.

If you have any comments, suggestions or additions, or if you know of any other brands of wax, please post a message on our Forum.

Incidentally, the fact that a manufacturer's site is listed does not mean that it is worth visiting!  For example, one contains pictures of all the manufacturer's products.  But when you click on a picture, expecting to get information about the product, all you get is a larger version of the picture!

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