The Handlebar ( moustache ) Club
Picture Archive 1949

From the Sussex Daily News
Brighton picture

Passers-by stared in surprise at Brighton Station yesterday when five men with large moustaches stepped into a battered sports car and whirled away with their moustaches fluttering in the breeze.
Members of the famous "Handlebars" Club, led by their President Raymond Glendenning, B.B.C. sports commentator, they came to Brighton to open officially the local branch of the Royal Air Force Association's Flying Services Club in King's Road.
The picture shows Raymond Glendenning, Noel Henkel (secretary), "Nick" Carter, Humphrey Lestocq (F/O. Kite of B.B.C. fame) and Peter Gibbs.

This cartoon by "DEZ" appeared
in the Kent and Sussex Courier
on June 24 1949,
following a cricket match.


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From the "Sketch"  -  The Third Prime Handlebar

49 prime handlebar

Alan Gear text

Ted Hooker


And another photograph taken at the same event
49 photo