The Handlebar ( moustache ) Club
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First Prime Handlebars

For many years the Handlebar Club appointed a "Prime Handlebar".  George Hoffman was the first, being appointed at the inaugural meeting.  However, in June 1948 he emmigrated to Canada, as reported in "Cavalcade".......

across the ocean
HANDLEBARS across the ocean.
The Handlebar Club toasts member George Hoffman,
who is emigrating to Canada with his 8-inch moustache.

And in the Toronto Daily Star..........

9-inch Lip Foliage Wows Girls Not Wives,
Handlebar George
George in Toronto

   George Hoffmann arrived in Toronto today with two small suit cases and one big moustache. The moustache look five years to grow and measures nine inches tip to lip. According to George, this lip foliage will win him many introductions to Canadian girls.
   "Not just that, but with cool air and good food I confidently predict my proudest possession will expand still further." said the Prime Handlebar of England.
   The Handlebar club started two years ago, has 120 members, all of whom must sprout bristles to the extent of five and a half inches.
   "Of course length is only the first qualification and I won my title mostly by texture the moustache champ explained. "One can’t use wax or wire to keep the hair straight. The moustache must be strictly self supporting".
   George said it has been his experience a moustache arouses the curiosity of girls and for that reason a man wearing a moustache is often in a position to bridge formal introductions.
   "But there is no denying some women,
particularly wives do not approve of handlebars," he said wiggling it emphatically. "These women nag their husbands to shave their 'grass grins' off."
   A "grass grin" is one of several types of moustaches cultivated by members of the handlebar club. Others are "bush puss," "splay press" and the "divided grass grin," a rare specie.
   "A moustache is a sensitive thing the champ explained. "No barber ever dares touch mine because one snip of the scissors could erase years of work."
   Hoffmann is often taken for Jerry Colonna because he has the same talent for milling his eyes. However, he believes his moustache is more of a masterpiece than the U.S. comedian’s.
   "I hope to start a handlebar club in Canada," said the British immigrant. "Some day, when you’re in the mood for hair-raising stories, I'll even reveal my secrets on how to grow a moustache".

But there was soon a new Prime Handlebar...........

1948 cricket
"ALAN GEAR is initiated with a bottle of beer as the new Prime Handlebar
by Squadron Leader Noel Henkel, the club's secretary,
and "Raff," cartoonist creator of P.O. Prune."

Click here for the full story as reported in the "Observer"

alan with pipe
Alan with pipe