The Handlebar ( moustache ) Club
Picture Archive 1950

From the Bulletin & Scots Pictorial 1 April 1950
50 newspaper cutting

A Scottish moustache has made good in London!  It is the Prime Handlebar of 1950.  The man who has brought the title to Scotland is artist John Roy, a native of Glasgow.  His 11 inches of ginger glory beat by two inches Sassenach Alan Gear's moustache.  Here John (right) celebrates his success with the club's vice-president, "Professor" Jimmy Edwards, of the "Take It from Here" show.

(Sorry about the quality of the picture
which was copied from an old newspaper cutting.)

I think the photograph below is from 1950.
Alan Gear in the centre is holding the "Prime Handlebar" trophy, John Roy is looking over his shoulder,
while Raymond Glendenning and Jimmy Edwards are to the left.

50 photo no.2

Another photograph from the same era.
A good crowd of handlebars with Raymond Glendenning seated at the front
50 photo no.1