Do you have a Handlebar Moustache?
Then The Handlebar Club is the club for you!
If you have a hirsute appendage of the upper lip, with graspable extremities, (beards are not allowed!) then -
The Handlebar (Moustache) Club
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The Club sells a range of "Collectibles" that are available to the general public, as well as to members. There is a tradition that members who fail to wear their tie for a Club event are expected to buy a round of drinks.  Buy some... 
Jimmy Edwards, Frank Muir and Bill Hooper
The Handlebar Club was inaugurated on April 21 1947 by comedian Jimmy Edwards. Its appeal then was to serving and ex-members of the Forces.  Our Archives 
Our Potty President has promised something special for Movember - nothing less than a whole new alter-ego.  More... 
The Wedding of Keri and Steve Parsons this Summer was attended by Moustaches of Honour from The Handlebar Club.   More... 
Rod Littlewood, Andy Nelson and Steve Parsons present £1000 to Gail Maguire of the Fountain Centre in Guildford.  More... 
John 'Redz' Redmond and friends will walk the 84 miles of Hadrian's Wall for World Cancer Research and Ellenor Lions Hospice  More... 
Would YOU cast your vote for this man? The Southern Daily Echo exposes the truth behind The Man With The Handlebar.   More... 
The Prime Handlebar for 2010 is Mr Geoff White. The trophy was presented at the 2010 AGM in the New Forest.  More... 
Members gathered for the 2010 AGM in Lyndhurst, drank, ate, sailed and narrowly escaped an arranged marriage.  More... 
Members at The Griffin Inn in Fletching, East Sussex, celebrated Jimmy Edwards' 90th birthday, and the weekend culminated with a sumptuous gastro-dinner. More... 
At The Handlebar Club's Post-Christmas lunch an auction of original artwork by Kate Harrison netted £100 for the Childrens' Liver Disease Foundation.
Date Posted Section New item
31 OCT 10 News Roger goes Up-Tiddly-Up-Up
31 OCT 10 News Super Mo Unveiled!
3 OCT 10 News A Gentleman's Bedside Book
AUG 10 News The Handlebar Club Wedding of The Year!
15 MAY 10 News The Handlebar Club supports The Fountain Centre
12 MAY 10 News Anglo American Sherpas vs Hadrian's Wall
5 MAY 10 Members' Area Members Newsletter May 2010
29 APR 10 News Raising The (Handle) Bar
23 APR 10 News Prime Handlebar 2010
23 APR 10 News Report on the 2010 Lyndhurst AGM
15 APR 10 Members' Area Secretary's Report and Minutes of The Handlebar Club AGM 2010
at the Lyndhurst Park Hotel, Lyndhurst, Hampshire
14 APR 10 News Report on the Moustaches Away Whack-O! Weekend at Fletching, East Sussex. UPDATED!
23 MAR 10 Members Area Radio interview with Tom "A Moustache Grows You" Cutler
20 MAR 10 BBC News Web site TV Coverage of our Moustaches Away Whack-O! Weekend at Fletching, East Sussex
27 JAN 10 Members' Area The Handlebar Club AGM 2010
at the Lyndhurst Park Hotel, Lyndhurst, Hampshire


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