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Graspable Extremities

Nokia Handlebars

The Amazing Musical (Christmas) Moustache - Guy Heathcote

The Broken Plough - Guy Heathcote

Trailer Tash
1 minute trailer for forthcoming documentary Tashalaska.

An insight into the lives of 3 world champions of facial hair as they prepare for, and compete at, the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska, USA.
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From The Shoreham Herald:
One Man's Journey to Glory

The Shoreham Herald Video

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Our Founder - Jimmy Edwards
A Celebration Movie

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Grow a Tache. Raise Cash. TacheBack 2007.

The Handlebar Moustache Club (archive material)

Me (Andy Lear) having fun in a wind tunnel

DIY Moustache Wax: Preussian Whiskers

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