The Handlebar Moustache Club
The Handlebar Club Overseas Members Photo Gallery 3

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Jim Ross is from Vancouver, Washington, USA.
Geoff Sanderson lives in Thompson's Station, TN, USA. He is in healthcare finance, likes reading fiction, especially Stephen Lawhead and Anne Rice, and is the President of the Southeast Chapter of The Maserati Club.
Gary Schnell is from Oakes, North Dakota, USA. He rides Harley-Davidson motorcycles and likes to travel. The left side of his 'tache grows faster than the right but don't tell anyone.
Erik Seaholm is a special needs teacher in Austin, Texas, USA. He's the proud father to his daughter Pearl.
Doug Singleton lives in Rockmart, Georgia, USA. He is an EHS Coordinator (Environment, Health and Safety) for a local family-owned and operated food manufacturer.
John Spinetti is from Shelton, Connecticut, USA. John says,

“I enjoy camping, reading and collecting modern first editions and playing keyboards and blues harp in Old School, a 10 piece Rock & Roll horn band.

“I have had a mustache since 1978 but only last year did it finally assert itself and become Handlebar. I am proud to have joined my people!”