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All that is weird and wonderful about hair.

Your Committee members demonstrating the 'moustache twirl'
Your Committee members demonstrating the 'moustache twirl'

Back in November several intrepid members of the Handlebar Club shared the bill at an event with a number pedigree show dogs. The venue was the Wellcome Collection in London and the event was an unusual evening to celebrate all that is weird and wonderful about hair.

Representatives of the club, known for their hairy upper lips, were there to dispense tips on how to style a moustache, how to grow one (donít shave, stupid) and generally blow our own trumpets.

The Handlebar Club had the honour of setting up shop in the main foyer of the building, however our earnest follicular discussions were frequently interrupted by a number of pampered pooches, all canine trophy winners, displaying their hairy credentials in the same space.

Our first prospective lady member?
Our first prospective lady member? (Follow the red arrow)
Also shown here are some of the pampered pooches, displaying their hairy credentials.

Other 'attractions' included champion barbers, hairy boffins, a knitting circle, a legal wig maker and even a stall where you could have a lock of your own hair (or someone else's I suppose) encased in Perspex as a memento.

Wellcome Collection video library link
The Wellcome Collection Materials Library have an online Flash Video presentation of the November 2008 Hair event. Click on their camera image to the right to visit the Materials Video Library page, and watch out for yours truly in the first few minutes...

I don't know how much useful advice we provided but everyone had a great time and we even managed to sign up a couple of new members.

Steve Parsons

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