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Early in 2000 Alf Jarrald was featured in the "Sale and Altrincham Messenger"

Get a handle on this...  Report by Julia Taylor

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When Alfred Jarrald props up the bar at the Oakfield Club in Sale, home to his branch of the Royal Air Forces Association, he needs two bar stools. For his moustache, when unfurled, is 38 inches wide!

Alfred, a lively 78 year old from Yew Tree Lane, Northenden, was featured in "Dazed and Confused" mag when he came within a hair's breadth of winning his section in the recent International Beard and Moustache competition at Ystad, Sweden, coming in fifth. Alfred said: "We went before eight judges who compared us and then gave us a certificate."

But Alfred's whiskers are hard work: "I have a shampoo twice a day, shape my moustache and then spray. It takes a lot of looking after. I can't just have a quick wash and brush up. I have to allow 20 minutes to half an hour before going anywhere."

If it weren't for a mischievous streak Alfred would never have grown his Jimmy Edwards style crowning glory. "I grew it to be awkward in the RAF during the war. I had it forcibly shorn a couple of times," he said.

Alfred joined the Handle Bar club ten years ago. They raise funds for charity.
Alfred never has a bad hair day because his tache pulls in the birds.
"You get these women who want to touch it," he said with a satisfied smile.

From the Daily Express - Monday November 3rd, 2003

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An item from the Sale and Altrincham Messenger - Thursday December 4th, 2003.

Hair takes the throne

by Julia Tayloralf

BEWHISKERED Alfred Jarrald from Northenden had a hair-raising adventure in America recently.
Alfred was crowned world champion for sideburns at the world beard and moustache championship at Carson City, Nevada.
And be came within a hair's breadth of becoming overall champion.
The 82-year-old came second in a competition involving 133 competitors from all over the world, including every category of hairy embellishment from Wild West moustaches to goatee beards.
Alfred, who first grew his moustache in the RAF during the war, says he has to be careful to avoid frothy beer when he attends the Oakfield Club in Sale - home to his branch of the Royal Air Forces Association - because it drips off his moustache and that could cause problems because, when unfurled, it is 37 inches wide!
But Alf said the judges were looking for moustaches that were bushy, shapely and long.
He said: "Before the competition I had to shampoo it, comb it, shape it and spray it. It took me at least 20 minutes.
He said: "When I heard I had won, it was overwhelming. When I walked to collect my trophy I felt a bit weak but one of the other competitors said I bounced down there.
"About 1,600 people in the crowd were shouting 'Alf, Alf' and Americans kept coming up and shaking my hand. It was wonderful."
Alf entered the competition as one of three members of the Handlebar Club in London.
He joined 14 years ago and has now got an application form to join the American Whisker Club.
Alf says he cannot imagine what life would be like without his twirly handlebar.
He added: "It grows on you, it's the cat's whisker!"