Abbott & Costello of the Red Sea


William Brown



Cheers Folks!

Cheers Folks! Wish you were here!!


As winter continued and temperatures still remaining in the single figures, we thought we should take a short break in the attempt to raise our spirits. Work had been slow so it seemed like a good opportunity not to be missed. My wife, sister-in-law and Club ‘Friend’, Bill decided to fly to Sharm el Sheikh, as favoured by the PM.

We stayed at the LT Grand Azure, an ‘all-inclusive’ 5 star hotel which had enormous and sumptuous grounds with four pools. There were several bars scattered around the site so liquid intake was easily achieved. There were five restaurants on the complex including a self-service, which the majority of guests used. As the self-service/ buffet style restaurant, was a bit boisterous for us, we favoured one of the four other restaurants on the site, with the exception of breakfast and the odd ‘drop-in’ on route to the evening’s entertainment.


The pools of Grand Azure

The pools of Grand Azure


The weather was fantastic and the sun very unforgiving. The seas were crystal clear and as the hotel namesake, azure blue.  It was a totally relaxing week with too much food; probably the same could be said for the alcohol content, sun, sand and sea with excellent company.

For those who have experienced travel in Egypt and the Middle Eastern regions, you will know that the moustache is a symbol of status and therefore you get treated with a bit of reverence and dignity. I was the envy of all the staff that who were not allowed to grow one. On my first experience down the Nile I was inundated with people calling out to me or asking to have a picture taken with them, so the treatment was not unexpected. At the hotel I was referred to as either Pacha William, which I understood to be ‘prince’, or as Mohamed Ali, no not the boxer, the other one. I may have been the only distinguished person at the hotel, but there was also an abundance of Russians. You could tell them as the females all dressed from a 1980’s Grattons catalogue, lots of high heels and short shirts. In fact quite a good look and I would welcome it making a comeback.


In full gear, Abbott & Costello with Vaseline Babe?
William in underwater action!
In full gear, Abbott & Costello with Vaseline Babe? William in underwater action! (note the Catfish whiskers)

During the week we all managed to partake in a snorkelling trip and Bill and I did a one-day diving course with a 40-minute dive in the afternoon. An incredible experience that cannot be replicated. For those who haven’t tried it, be warned. We do have a slight disadvantage with the ‘hirsute appendage’. This affects the seal around the mask and when questioning our instructor, Sarah, she immediately suggested that I use a lot of Vaseline!! My sort of girl. The alternative was never an option.


That's all Folks!!

That's all Folks!!