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Archived News Items from late 2004

moustache The 2007 World Championships

From the Brighton Argus, Monday, May 31, 2004

Budget for moustache film
looks a bit hairy

MOUSTACHE champion Michael Attree is hoping to make a film of a facial hair extravaganza expected to attract a record number of contestants and spectators.
    The fine art and antiques dealer from Brighton is a member of the Handlebar Club which has successfully campaigned for the World Beard and Moustache Championships to be held in Brighton and Hove in 2007.
    Planning has already started for the contest, which began in Sweden seven years ago and is now held biannually.
    Last year's event was in the USA and next year it will be in Berlin.
Mr Attree, whose interest in facial topiary began while working for Janet Street-Porter as a BBC producer and director, said: "The last event was watched by more than 40,000 spectators.
    "It had 123 contestants from more than ten countries including Australia. Hong Kong and Great Britain.
    "The Germans are very big on clubs and take it all rather seriously. They tend to dominate the proceedings and grab all the trophies.
    "Our club takes such rivalry with a pinch of snuff. Nevertheless, former European and world champions have to fight tooth and whiskers to keep their titles. Frankly I'm far more concerned with keeping my gin and tonic."
    Categories for moustaches include Handlebar, English, Dali, Wild West, Fu Manchu, Freestyle, Imperial and Natural. Beards are Garibaldi Verdi, sideburns and goatee.
    Mr Attree said: "Even though we are organising this venue our distinguished panel of celebrities and bigwigs, yet to be decided upon, will ensure all decisions are just and fair."


    He is expecting a record number of contestant and spectators.
Mr Attree said: "We expect to base the festivities on the seafront, probably a marquee on Hove Lawns or somewhere similar.
    "A parade along the front to marching music is paramount for the occasion, each country waving to crowds under colourful banners.
"There will be many awards, speeches, mocking hoots and, of course, jealous tears."
    Mr Attree, who joined the Handlebar Club after watching comedian Jimmy Edwards, who lived in Sussex, wax his fine moustache, hopes there will be some financial support.
But he said: "I fear governing bodies may just see The Handlebar Club as a bunch of British eccentrics having a hirsute hoot.
    "That, and raising money for ex-servicemen, is our general activity.
"Apathy must not creep in. The city will benefit hugely at every level."
Mr Attree holds a European Moustache Championships trophy in the English moustache category.
    He wants to direct a documentary about the Brighton contest but must have backing from a production company.
    Mr Attree said: "It would seriously be a criminal waste of whiskers if it was not made."
    See Mr Attree's own web site on                or The Handlebar Club web site on

moustache Oxted Meeting

 Geoff White

On the 19th June we had one of our 'country meetings' . This was organised by Kath Acres in the Royal British Legion Club in Oxted. We gathered, starting at 12 noon and had a beer or two and then had a very delightful salad lunch with sweet to follow. It was a lovely day and the view from the clubhouse is beautiful.

moustache Shaving Towel
Not really "news", but our treasurer, Ron Polton found this amusing shaving towel.


Ingrid Jonsson

ingridjonsson.jpg (8896 bytes)
It was with great sadness that we reported the sudden death of Ingrid, the wife of Boo Jonsson one of our Swedish members. Ingrid and Boo had been regular attenders at our AGM weekends and other events, and Ingrid was always the "life and soul of the party". It is hard to believe that such a lively outgoing person is no longer with us. We shall miss her very much indeed, and we send our sincere condolences to Boo.


moustache Visit to Rostock

Handlebars in Rostock

Several members visited Rostock to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Swedish Moustache Club, and had a most enjoyable time.  Our scribe, Conway Chiles, has written a report, and there are pictures on the Swedish Club's site. (Go to the gallery, and click on "Bilder frn 20-rs jubilet>>")

moustache Club Tashes to the Masses

the bookIn October "The First Official Book" entitled "The World Beard And Moustache Championships" was launched to much pomp and ceremony (mainly by the Handlebar Club). The publishers turned to us to promote their fine book. This was mainly because certain trophy bedecked HBC members feature strongly within their publication. With Alf Jarrald, Ted Sedman and Jrgen Burkhart (Germany) being World Championship stars, the Publishers knew they were on to a good thing.

And indeed they were, as, for two gruelling weeks we promoted their book, our Club and the 2007 World Championships in Brighton; the media outlets being local and national radio, TV and the press. Our most notable performance was on ITV's "This Morning" and within "The Guardian Guide". As for the goggle box's live broadcast; the programmers were so keen to have us on they even flew Alf and Jrgen to London. Ted Sedman was resplendent in his now famous Fu Manchu costume while Mike Solomons and myself (Atters) completed the studio vignette. Mostly headed by Ted, the radio interviews involved the Danny Baker Radio Show, LBC's the Sandi Toksvig Show, numerous BBC regional programmes and finally Talksport. The latter was a very short interview as both the presenters were "ill". Ted and I managed to briskly talk "moustaches" as a clean shaven bouncer showed us the door. Oh, Fu Manchu!

broadcasters? Ted, Atters and Paul

Photos courtesy of Paul Coyte and the Capital Gold Drivetime Show

Next it was off to an autumnal London’s Leicester Square.  Capital Gold’s Paul Coyte seemed rather chuffed as his "lifelong ambition" had been fulfilled; namely meeting some members of the Handlebar Club.  His airwave golden eggs were the Sedman, Atters duo.  Mr.Coyte (and studio crew) were most accommodating with their compliments, cups of tea and mirth. We in turn, were generous with our club plugs, monocles and hirsute advice.  This was fully taken advantage of as we remained there for three sections of Capital Gold’s "Drivetime Show".  Then it was time for the country’s listeners to get their revenge.  Ted and I were thrown to the wolves while the public asked their moustache questions and queries.   Sadly they were mainly about beards and how to wash them (shampoo?).   Ted’s answers were a little more instructive than mine but we battled through.   Pictures and the interview may be found on Capital Gold’s website.

Should you wish to own a copy of this splendid colourful book then pop along to any good UK bookshop. It costs 10 and is published (worldwide from next year) by "Boxtree".

moustache "Tashes Are Not For Girls" - Tacheback 2004

Last month Tacheback successfully opened its doors to the hairy and young (well, the Handlebar Club was certainly hairy) for its second annual hirsute extravaganza. GQ Magazine instigated this annual fund raising event to the roll call of  "Grow a tache for cash". Each year its readers are invited to sprout lip whiskers during the month of September. The finale being a stylish strut down a catwalk, bathed in female screams and "popular" music. All this while "The Party Magazine" and press snap away. Naturally there were many prizes, sparkling drinks and pretty girls. Oh, and of course The Handlebar Club.

With a battle cry of  "monocles at the ready!" our Club President led a crack squad of Handlebars into the trendy mle. We had been invited along to show what happens when one professionally rejects the razor. Sadly with our work done, a stampede ensued for the waiting barbers. I mean really?  It must have been down to the evening's slogan: "Taches are Not for Girls". Again, here I beg to differ. Where fillies are concerned, I always try to offer mine (oh yummy!). Still, such misinformation is heartily forgiven considering the spectacular results Tacheback has achieved.

With sponsorship from friends, the final judging process takes into consideration not only the moustache, but also the money individuals and groups have raised. Last year it was 100,000. This year they hope to make even more (with sponsorship still rolling in). Of course for Everyman (the chosen charity which is run by The Institute of Cancer Research) and all those affected by prostrate and testicular cancers, there can never be enough help. Every penny is desperately needed for research. As with last year's event, The Handlebar Club wishes Tacheback every possible success with its splendid campaign. For the latest information visit:

moustache Visit to the Keeper's Arms

group at the Keeper's Arms
Members, ladies and friends at the "Keeper's Arms"  (photo by Fiona)

On October 17th our photographer friend, Fiona Campbell, organised a most enjoyable lunch at her sister Jenny's pub, the Keepers Arms at Trotton on the Sussex Downs.  With real ale and excellent food, it is just what a country pub ought to be.  Definitely one for a repeat visit!

moustache A Christmas Tonic

Members, at Epsom
(Place your mouse pointer over the picture to see the names)

To many, the word 'Epsom' conjures up images of horse racing, green wellies and Magnesium Sulphate. But to HBC members (within reach of Surrey) it means much, much more. Namely festive Handlebar Club 'nosh-ups'. As with last year, our annual Christmas lunch took place within the Epsom RAC clubhouse. Over twenty HBC Members and friends assembled within the plush bar to share bons mots and Christmas cards. We were also very pleased to welcome Bo Jonsson (from Sweden) and some relatively new HBC members. Everyone lunched convivially together on one long and impressively laid out table. The food and service were superb and despite a proliferation of wine on the table, our Club's conduct and dignity led by example. Except for Mike Solomons that is, who pelted mint foil missiles at my waxed purlieus. Coffee was followed by a gentle walk through the lush and spacious golfing grounds to the clubs high-tech sports centre. Here Albert Tang gave us a facilities tour of their torture 'rac'. For many handlebars (myself included), witnessing poor souls exercise was an exhausting experience. Still, we all felt much the better for it and soon settled down in our leather chairs for more idle chitchat, drinks and tobacco. Indeed I must say, this new fitness regime was quite the 'Epsom tonic' (we just add gin). Let us offer a 'handlebar salute' to Albert and his wife Kiyomi (a full RAC club member and keen golfer) for making this really sterling Sunday possible for our own Club members.

Inside the club house Outside the club house