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moustache Ron and Rosie's Wedding
Yes, a Handlebar wedding with a difference!
On August 5th Ron Polton, a member of the Handlebar Club, married Rosie Mudhar.  But because Rosie is a member of a Sikh family, Ron was given special permission to remain a member of the club while growing a beard in the Sikh tradition.
A number of members of the club attended the ceremony, which was followed by a reception in Woolwich Town Hall, where we enjoyed wonderful Sikh hospitality and wished the couple well for their life together.
P.S. the beard has now gone and Ron is a true handlebar again!

Ron and Rosie

moustache Press and TV Coverage

Earlier this year our member Alf Jarrald was featured in the "Sale and Altrincham Messenger"

Get a handle on this...  Report by Julia Taylor

Alf's picture

When Alfred Jarrald props up the bar at the Oakfield Club in Sale, home to his branch of the Royal Air Forces Association, he needs two bar stools. For his moustache, when unfurled, is 38 inches wide!

Alfred, a lively 78 year old from Yew Tree Lane, Northenden, was featured in "Dazed and Confused" mag when he came within a hair's breadth of winning his section in the recent International Beard and Moustache competition at Ystad, Sweden, coming in fifth. Alfred said: "We went before eight judges who compared us and then gave us a certificate."

But Alfred's whiskers are hard work: "I have a shampoo twice a day, shape my moustache and then spray. It takes a lot of looking after. I can't just have a quick wash and brush up. I have to allow 20 minutes to half an hour before going anywhere."

If it weren't for a mischievous streak Alfred would never have grown his Jimmy Edwards style crowning glory. "I grew it to be awkward in the RAF during the war. I had it forcibly shorn a couple of times," he said.

Alfred joined the Handle Bar club ten years ago. They raise funds for charity.
Alfred never has a bad hair day because his tache pulls in the birds.
"You get these women who want to touch it," he said with a satisfied smile.

The December issue of the magazine "The CHAP" has a brief description of the Handlebar Club and a questionnaire answered by the Club President.

The magazine has a web site at

On Friday November 17th, Rod Littlewood, Mike Solomons and Ted Sedman appeared on a children's television programme "The Top Ten of Everything".  As well as the ten longest moustaches, the programme featured the ten strongest men and the ten foods that caused most flatulence!

An enjoyable day was enhanced by the fact that, as well as our expenses, the producer gave the Handlebar Club fifty pounds which has been donated to the Starlight Hospice for children.

moustache Abbeyfield

Abbeyfield is one of the largest providers of sheltered housing in the voluntary sector, and the Abbeyfield Society of Hastings and St. Leonards invited the President of the Handlebar Club to open their "Strawberry Fayre" on July 8th.  Ted made a short speech and presented a cheque from the Club.  The event was in aid of their Amenity account, which runs the minibus and provides outings for the residents. 

The resident Warden, Ian McNulty, accepting a cheque from the Club


Sadly, the year 2000 saw the passing of two members of the Handlebar Club.

First, in April, the Club Treasurer, Ted Worth, passed away in the Brompton Hospital, London.  This came as a profound shock to us all, for Ted had been with us at the AGM in Boroughbridge just a couple of weeks earlier.

Then, in September, we lost another Club member, Peter Burgess.   Peter, who once ran a pub in Dorset, had been a member for many years.  He was an active participant in the visits to Belgium in the 80's, and more recently we enjoyed his company at the 50th anniversary celebrations at Eastbourne.

Our condolences went to both families.

The Club was well represented at Ted Worth's funeral
at Ted's funeral
left to right:- Ted Sedman, André Acres, Ernie Fisher,
Con Chiles, Geoff White, Rod Littlewood and Mike Solomons