The Handlebar ( moustache ) Club
Picture Archive 1995

In Spring 1995 some members of the Club had planned to go to Pforzheim in Germany for a competition organised by our friends from Höfen, but the date unfortunately clashed with the



Conway Chiles, our long-serving Scribe and club secretary, married Rosemary Taylor, widow of our late member Desmond Taylor.  Several Handlebars attended the ceremony, and the whole Club sent good wishes for their future together.

In June the Club were involved in a birthday celebration.  Trumpers, of Mayfair in London, had been "Barbers and Perfumers to gentlemen of distinction" for 120 years.


The Club received a lot of publicity as a result of our appearance, but a planned interview on Sky television was cancelled because the Prime Minister very inconsiderately chose that day to make some boring announcement that was considered more newsworthy than we were!