The Handlebar ( moustache ) Club
Picture Archive 1953

1953 press cutting

John Roy became "Prime Handlebar" again.

Pat Cocks' letter was published in

John featured in the "Evening Sentinel"

Threat to His Handle-Bar

Mr. John Roy, of Glasgow, principal guest of the North Staffordshire Handlebar Club at their annual dinner in Burslem last night, shrinks back in mock horror as a playful guest, with an outsize pair of scissors, seeks a "souvenir".

North Staffs. Nest
And in a Scottish Newspaper
Scottish Nest All the biggest and best moustaches turned up in Glasgow at the initiation of a new member to the Scottish section of the Handlebar Club.   He was Seargeant-Major Olive (centre) a 21 years' service H.L.I. man home from Egypt.  Chieftan John Roy (left), holder of the Handlebar Trophy and Denis Miller (next to him), conducted the initiation.

We held a darts
match against the
"City Barge"

Quite where
Ted Hooker got the
giant -sized dart we don't know!

Ted Hooker with Dart


And there was even a
Handlebar Cartoon in one

A lot of cricket was played in 1953, so the next page is from this same year.